I can not hear my guitar sound from the JamVOX Monitor.

Please check the following items:

  • Check that your JamVOX Monitor is properly connected to your computer via USB. If properly connected, the POWER ON indicator lights red.

  • Check the volume level of your guitar.
  • Check that your guitar is connected to the GUITAR IN of the JamVOX Monitor.
  • Check that the MONITOR LEVEL of the JamVOX Monitor is turned up.
  • Check that the JamVOX application has been launched.
  • Check the Music and Master volume knob in the upper right corner of the screen turned up.
  • Check the level meter in the upper right corner of the screen do you react.
  • Close your JamVOX application and try connecting your JamVOX Monitor to a different USB port of your computer.
  • Try disconnecting your JamVOX monitor and then connect it again.
  • Is the [MUTE] button in the TUNER light out?
  • Check the volume setting of your computer (Mac only).
    1. Open “System Preferences”.
    2. Click “Sound”.
    3. Click “Output” tab.
    4. Select “JamVOX” from the list.
    5. Adjust the slider of “Output volume” and uncheck “Mute”.
  • Try reinstalling your JamVOX USB driver according to the following directions (Windows only).
    1. If already running, please close the JamVOX application.
    2. Disconnect your JamVOX Monitor.
    3. Select “Programs and Features” from “Control Panel”
    4. Select “JamVOX USB Driver”, and uninstall it according to the directions.
    5. Install JamVOX USB Driver again.
    6. Launch JamVOX Software, and confirm if JamVOX monitor is recognized in your JamVOX Preferences successfully.


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